Mega Food Drive by Robin Hood Army for Hungry People in Rohtak City

No matter if there is scorching heat outside or heavy rain, there are some people who take out time from their hectic schedule to spread these smiles. Robin Hood Army (Rohtak) is one such organization who has a goal to serve 1500+ hungry citizens in Rohtak City on 15th August, Independence Day.

What is Robin Hood Army:

Robin Hood Army is a volunteer-based organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants to serve the less fortunate people in cities across India and neighboring countries.

About Robin Hood Army (Rohtak team):

Robin Hood Army Rohtak chapter was started on 13th May 2018 with 7 friends. They have emerged strongly to 30 robins and 50 volunteers in just 3 months. They have done a total of 21 drives and served 3200 plus individuals. Out of these 21 drives, 10 have been surplus drives where they saved loads of food from going into the drain and distributed them to those who cannot afford a full stomach every day.

Mega Food Drive on 15th August 2018:

On 15th August (Independence Day) Robin Hood Army has a goal to serve 1500+ people in Rohtak City. For this many restaurants like Ashoka hotel, The dinners, grill masters, Milan Hotel and many other restaurants have tied up with them.

Vision: • Why is there food wastage in one part of the city and hunger in the other part? • Why can’t the surplus food from restaurants can be given to needy and underprivileged kids? • Why can’t we, the more privileged people can work towards building the future of our nation? • Why we always have to wait for a support from our government and other NGO’s for the underprivileged children? • Why can’t we bring the change?

Mission 1. To eradicate hunger and poverty. 2. To prevent wastage of food. 3. To teach those who can’t afford education. 4. To promote cleanliness and sanitation in the slum areas. 5. To celebrate various events like ‘Environmental Day’, ‘Children’s Day’ etc with those for whom materials means nothing and love is all what they look for.

“Kids along with their family wait eagerly for us every Sunday, and when we reach, they themselves sit down patiently after washing their hands to play with us and eat food.” ~ Robin Hood Army experiences

Join Robin Hood Army for the Mega Food Drive on 15th August 2018.

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