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SIWACH MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL – ROHTAK is an endeavor to alleviate the suffering of patients, by providing the best of healthcare at an optimal cost. A multi-specialty 100 bedded hospital that is centrally located and adorned with state-of-the-art infrastructure and an eminent panel of doctors is in a nutshell what we are all about.

The technology advantage is complemented by the manpower excellence providing sophisticated and specialized medical care at affordable cost. With a team dedicated to bringing you a world of care with every visit. World-class medical care, friendly, devoted service, and affordability are the key features in our every touch

Headed by Dr. S. B. Siwach, the leader with unstinted commitment, the expert team of doctors and support staff ensure the best care is delivered at all time with utmost dedication. It is their sacrament to enrich and preserve valuable human lives. We understand you and your needs.  The highly competent experts in various disciplines taking charge of patient care give the double advantage of safety and mental peace for the patient

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